Our Story... A fishy tale

Cliff Rochester was born into a fishing family and spent every opportunity he had on the water, this served him well and he was awarded his South African colours for Artlure Angling at the age of 18, making him the youngest ever to be given this honour.

Cliff’s journey into the flyfishing world started when he began working for the prominent flyfishing store, in it’s day, The Flyfisherman. There he learnt from the legendary likes of Tom Sutcliff, Hugh Huntley and Rodger Bart.

His passion for fly tying grew and from humble beginnings began tying flies on a small commercial level, earning a reputation for quality and  reliability.

Together with his wife Tarryn, the company evolved to include a unique range of synthetic materials and a signature range of tying products. Since 1997, Fishient Group has been suppling tastefully tied flies and fish fooling fly tying materials world wide to now over 40 counties.

We have continued to thrive and grow since the day we started, as the result of progressive spirit and a commitment to the sport. We also have our staff to thank for helping build a solid foundation of service and quality.