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: Cliff Rochester

  • Cliff Rochester - Tanzanian Tiger
  • Cliff Rochester with an Alphonse - Seychelles Milkfish
  • Captain Duber Winters uses 'Just Add H20' materials.
  • Cliff Rochester with Zambezi Tiger.
  • Cliff Rochester with a  Bass from Albert Falls Dam, caught on an olive 'Just Add H20' Polar Fibre Baitfish.
  • Dick Talleur, renowned fly tyer uses 'Just Add H20' matarials on his flies.
  • Steve Farrar, who was instrumental in the development of the revolutionary 'Just Add H20' Steve Farrar SF Blend. No guessing what he uses on his flies!
  • Mike Feltman with an Australian Queenie caught on the 'Just Add H20' Polar fibre baitfish.
  • Tarryn Rochester with a Yellowfish from Srekfontein Dam.
  • Tarryn Rochester with a Zambezi Nembwe caught on a black/purple 'Just Add H20' Polar Fibre Baitfish.
  • Alan Olivier with his catch on a 'Just Add H20' fly.
  • Stefan Haider from Austrian Outdoor Sports uses 'Just Add H20' flies.
  • James Christmas ( Alphonse Seychelles Guide)with a Permit caught on a fly tied with 'Just Add H20' materials.
  • Tarryn Rochester with a 12lb Tiger from Jozini dam, caught on a  'Just Add H20' SF Deceiver.
  • John Robinson uses the 'Just Add H20' Flat 'n Fine Baitfish when fishing the Seychelles flats.
  • Cliff Rochester Snr with a 7lb Tiger from Jozini Dam.
  • Jared Du Toit with a 12lb tiger caught on the 'Just Add H20' Magnetic Minnow, from Chikwenya-Lower Zambezi.
  • Tarryn Rochester with a Bluefin Kingfish caught on a 'Just Add H20' rolling bead box crab.
  • Clive Harries with a Carp on dry fly from Albert Falls dam.
  • Cliff Rochester with an Alphonse GT caught on a  'Just Add H20' #6/0 Magnetic Minnow.
  • Nick Curcione
    "Hi Cliff, This is a photo of one of the bonefish I took in Ohau Hawaii. The Steve Farrar Flash Blend works like magic on these very wary bones. I think the added bit of flash is what draws the strikes. Bleeding orange, rainbow and mullet are some of the hot colors." Sincerely, Nick Curcione
  • Chris Barras - Black Tip Shark
  • John Robinson - Permit
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